Analysis Paralysis

Thu, 05/02/2015

Let me ask you a question:

Are you getting all the hot pussy you want?

If the answer is yes, great, get off the computer and go
call one of the hotties in your rotation.

If the answer is no, read on…

There is a very basic problem that most guys have who
are trying to learn how get good with women.

It affects virtually every guy trying to learn this.

I’ve dealt with this with the vast majority of my

Here are the facts:

1.) There is no shortage of information available.
There is a dearth of gurus and system out there.

And actually, about 80% of that information is pretty
HIGH QUALITY. In fact, some of them are so innovative
and psychologically sound that it must have taken a
genius to come up with them.

2.) There is a HUGE disconnect in the quality of the
information available, and the ability of the students
to actually APPLY it.

3.) Most of this disconnect stems from inefficient
teaching techniques, fearfulness, confusion, and the
information being delivered in a poorly timed and
sequenced manner.

When I started coaching men in dating, I came to realize
that if I could just get guys to use the information
they ALREADY HAD, they’d get great results.

I met guys who knew way more pickup theory than I did.
They could spout it off all day.

But when it came down to approaching a woman, they’d go
into cold sweats and freeze.

It was never the right time to act, there was always
something more to learn before they could approach.

We call that “analysis paralysis”.

Most of you already have the information and techniques
you need to get all the hot pussy you want.

You just don’t know how to put what you’ve already got to
work for you.

That’s all right; I’ve got you covered.

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You’ll be shocked how many guys are actually NOT getting
laid in the seduction community.

Don’t be one of them.

Talk soon,

Brad P.