Is This Bullshit Holding You Back?

Mon, 23/02/2015

EXCUSES are the biggest game killer of all.

The most common ones I hear are guys complaining that
pickup won’t work for them because they are….

Not good looking, short, too old, too young, have no
money, or too inexperienced with girls.

While some of these beliefs may have some grain of
truth, thinking about them and analyzing them is an
exercise in futility. That time would be better spent
working on some part of your game and being focused.

I’ve seen a 55-year-old man pull a hot 25-year-old girl
for a same night lay.

Also, I might add that all the big name gurus (Yours
truly included) are pushing 40 right now.

There are probably 10 or more well-known coaches who are
under 5 foot 9 and they are known to pull as well as
average or tall guys.

I’ve seen some of these guys pull chicks, and I’ve seen
short students pull chicks…like TONS of times.

For me the problem when I was learning was being tall
and goofy. I have been told my whole life that I’m tall
and goofy, and I had started to believe it.

Recently I saw a 5 foot 10 guy who’s better looking than
all 3 coaches he was working with complaining about
being short and that the coaches had more natural
advantages than him.


So here’s a quick step-by-step plan for beating these

1- accept that any idea is JUST AN IDEA and it can be

2- Work on a few parts of your game that are unrelated
to your self-limiting belief.

Meaning: Try to forget about it for a while and just
work on something else.

3- Work on being a positive person in general. Most
self-limiting beliefs are symptoms of a larger problem,
overall negativity.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.

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