Keyboard Jockeys

Wed, 04/02/2015

Back in the day, when I entered into the fray of
teaching dating and seduction I noticed something very
interesting (and very telling).

I’ll share that with you in just a moment…

First, I need to give you some context and background.

My first group of students had such a high success that
demand grew quickly and in no time at all, men were
contacting me from all over the world to learn.

In the beginning, I just went and figured this stuff out
myself. As a natural outgrowth of that, I began to
teach it.

I thought I was kind of an isolated novelty.

But shortly after I began teaching, I learned about the
worldwide phenomenon of the seduction community. This
is where a lot of the guys coming to my seminars came

I remember the first time I heard about it, I was
teaching a seminar and a young IT consultant raised his
hand and said he was having a little trouble with A3.

I had no idea what the hell he meant.

A3 is one of the stages in a then-well-known method
taught by a seduction guru.

I spoke to the guy and a few others after class and was
AMAZED at the amount of information that they were able
to repeat to me.

But I would later find that although they had a lot of
“information”, they didn’t have knowledge.

How did I find this out?

These guys signed up for one of my in-field trainings
and we went out to a few venues to do some approaches.

I figured they knew so much that they would mop the
floor with me and demand a refund for the seminar.

And then a funny thing happened…

That night I took five phone numbers and brought home an
exotic dancer.

My know-it all students didn’t do so hot.

When I asked them to do an approach they both looked at
me with a panicked expression of their faces and said,
“Brad, I think we’re just gonna observe tonight”.


How could they know so much about seduction and not do
one single approach?

They were Internet “keyboard jockeys”.

They studied plenty of theory, but came up short when it
was time to take action.

You’d be surprised how much sexual success is ACTUALLY
happening (or not happening) in the dating/pickup
community. It’ll shock you.

You need to check out my FREE report, Forbidden Truth.

It’ll blow your eyes wide open.

Talk Soon,

Brad P.

PS- There is a HUGE difference between knowing about a
thing and really knowing it deep down in your gut. Some
of these guys have analysis paralysis. They read every
eBook there is and their not getting laid. If this is
you, don’t worry – just read my report.