Kung-FU student vs. mom shopping at Wal-Mart

Tue, 10/02/2015

I want to tell you about something I’ve noticed with
students. Tell me if this applies to you:

There is a massive shift in expectations and behavior
that occurs when a student of dating and seduction
becomes a consumer, and starts buying products.

What are the differences between a student and a

A student is one who wants to gain knowledge, build
skills, and change his life for the better.

Think of a martial arts student who travels to china to
learn Kung-Fu in its purest form. Or a gymnast who
studies under the best coaches to go to the Olympics.

That’s a serious student.

Now lets look at a consumer:

Picture the typical soccer mom shopping for her family
at Wal-Mart. Let’s say she’s clipping coupons. She
wants to get as much as she can, as cheap as she can,
and she wants it to be as convenient as possible.

Basically she wants to put in the smallest amount of
time and effort possible to get the maximum result.

Kung Fu student vs. Mom at Wal-Mart.

Everyone has the potential to behave as a student or
consumer. It just depends which button got pushed when
you bought the product or products.

When is comes to getting more pussy:

Did someone push your student button, or your consumer

Are you trying to reach an elite level of skill and

Or are you trying to get as much as you can, for as
cheap as you can, and with the smallest amount of effort

Be honest with yourself.

You can’t clip coupons for discount access to pussy.

Look you need some basic truth, a little guidance and a
fair amount of hard work.

And if you’re serious, like the Kung-Fu student, I’ve
taken the first step for you, absolutely free.

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fact from fiction about the seduction community and
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Talk soon,

Brad P.