Scared to Death of Getting Laid

Mon, 09/02/2015

You know what you’re doing. I mean, you’ve studied the
material, you’ve got you’re routines down and you’re
ready to go.

Now you got your ass out in the field and your ready to
make an approach.

She’s about 20 feet away on the other side of the bar,
sitting at a bistro table with her friend.

Damn she’s hot, solid nine, blonde kinda curly hair that
she twirls when she talks.

That’s exactly the kind of girl you had in mind when you
started studying seduction and dating.

OK, go.

Why are you not moving?

What’s the hold up?

This is the point where most guys feel a sickening pit
in their stomach.


Most men who study seduction are exposed to a wealth of
highly effective material but are rarely able to apply it.

The reason is this intense, paralyzing social anxiety.

They’re scared.

Maybe thoughts like this have run through your head:

“I can’t talk to that girl now, what if the old lady
siting next to her is listening.”

“I can’t kino her now with all her friends around.”

“What if the people around me are watching me right

Thoughts like these cause you to be VISIBLY nervous to
the woman.

Many times the anxiety is so bad that it prevents the
guy from approaching at all.

I’ve seen many students try to implement advanced
seduction techniques that are very well thought out, but
the guy is scared half to death while he’s implementing

And it shows.

So what’s the solution?

…Grow a pair.

There’s one important thing you need to learn called
“dominance projection”.

It’s so important, because all the tactics and
strategies in dating science are forms of dominance

They are ALL built on this same basic concept. Without
it, you will fail.

When you learn how to project dominance and strength,
you will eventually BECOME dominance and strength.

That’s what women are programmed, in their DNA, to
respond to.

She’ll want you more than you want her.

…And that’s when you’re pulling 9’s and 10’s into the
bathroom for sex after 10 minutes.

I have a free report for you to download. It’s called
Forbidden Truth and it’ll outline exactly why this may
not have happened for you yet, and EXACTLY what
you can do about it.

Talk soon,

Brad P.