Surveys, Data, and the SHOCKING PROOF

Wed, 11/02/2015

Most people assume that the more you study something,
the better you will become at it.

In all my years as a coach, I have found that the study
more = get better idea is certainly not the case.

Honestly, if this were the case, everyone who had a few
thousand dollars to spend on seduction products would be
swimming in pussy.

I conducted an extensive survey of some of the top
seduction forums on the Internet.

I found no correlation between amount of materials
studied and success with women.

In fact, I’ve sensed quite a bit of frustration from the
moderators. There are all too many men who are not
heeding their advice to GET OUT IN THE FIELD.

I’ve said it many times, as has every reputable guy out
there who’s coaching guys in dating and seduction; GET

So why isn’t everybody doing it?

It’s not that all the guys learning this stuff are
boneheads or total chicken shits. It’s trickier than

You see it’s my opinion that there is, generally, a lack
of structure. And structure is necessary for

Students need to be told WHEN, WHERE, and HOW MUCH to go
into the field.

Without that, it’s very easy to sit home and say, “I’ll
do it tomorrow”.

Some students need specific instructions. “Get into the
field” is not specific enough to motivate them.

This was one of the reasons I felt it necessary to create
my 30/30 Club.

I give my students very specific guidelines when it
comes to time spent in the field.

I tell them to follow what I call, “The Golden Rule of
Learning”. It’s the perfect balance to get you good

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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