The Infamous Chicago Six

Fri, 06/02/2015

Let me tell you about the “Infamous Chicago Six”.

This was one of the all-time high points for me,
teaching a workshop.

I trained a group of guys in Chicago for three days.

Of the six guys in the workshop, four of them took a
woman home that night.

They got laid from cold approach alone.

A 66% success rate of students getting laid at workshops
was unheard of and unprecedented.

To the best of my knowledge, it still is.

So how do think I got 4 out of six guys laid?

A lot of people asked me if I taught them more at the

Did I teach them the ULTIMATE secret?

Did I give them every bit of information ever written on


I gave them less info than you would expect at a
three-day intensive workshop.


…Everything I taught them was motivating,
specific and ACTIONABLE.

Did I teach them more than most “gurus”? No…

But did they learn more? HELL YES.

And the results proved it.

But four guys aren’t very many in the great scheme of
things and my goal became to create that same level of
success on GLOBAL scale.

That was the entire purpose of building and implementing
my 30/30 Club, which is an affordable, streamlined system
for any guy to become proficient in seduction in 12 months
or less.

Check it out and in a few months you WILL be doing what
the Chicago six did, and more.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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