A Good Routine Overcomes Lack of Experience

Thu, 05/03/2015

Routines are powerful tools for opening and seducing

A good routine does give you just as much conversational
power as massive life experience.

For guys without much good life experience, routines
will certainly catapult you forward like NOTHING ELSE.

The way to learn routines is to take 2 new ones per day,
go in field with them, and do them each 5-10 times.

Then at the end of the week you keep the ones that
worked, and throw out the ones that didn’t.

Not every routine works for every guy, so you’ve got to
do some filtering.

If you use that process, and rack up even 20 routines
per month, your conversation skills will be LETHAL after
3 months, when you have 60 routines.


…There will still be lots of little intangibles that
you will need in order to get laid.

It’s not all about just having good conversational

You’ve got to have dominance, identity (at least a
little), and escalation skills. Also, you’ve got to have
great sexual inner game, or none of it will work.

You’ve got to believe that women love sex and that sex
is healthy and normal.

Add in some listening skills and kino on top of that,
and it’s even better.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I just wanted to give you a little taste of
what the blueprint looks like to be the freakin man and
get all the pussy you want.

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free world. We’ll walk you through everything.

You just show up and do the work.

Talk soon,

Brad P.