Am I to Old To Game Chicks?

Wed, 04/03/2015

Guys ask me all the time:

“I’m gonna be 30 soon, am I too old for the game?”

I’m 45 and divorced, am I too old for this?”

“I’m gonna be 50 soon, is it too late for me?”

After years and years of doing this, I’m ready to give
an across-the-board answer:

You’re never too old.

If you’re willing to keep gaming in the nursing home,
you can go right up until your dick stops working.

There are probably lots of old folks getting laid in the
nursing homes.

But I think that most people who ask this are referring
to gaming cute young women.

Don’t worry about it.

You’re only going to come off as too old if you THINK
you are.

The problem is a lot of guys have developed that belief
and it holds them back.

You guys who do this need to cut that shit out.

The truth is, a lot of younger women like older men.

They see them as more mature, more confident, more in
control, and more dominant.

Dos Equis did a TV campaign for years about a James Bond
like guy in his late 60’s called “the most interesting
man in the world”.

He was a badass in a tux who had the most awesome life

And in all the commercials he was constantly surrounded
by 9’s and 10’s.

That reflects an underlying perception about older men.

You need to cash in on that.


Glad you asked:

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confidence and really become the total badass that
women want.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And some guys think they’re too old at 40…