Case Study: He got his Maxim Cover Model

Wed, 18/03/2015

Let me share with you a story from a guy who started out
barely able to keep a girlfriend and now he can bang 9’s
and 10’s anytime he wants.

Names have been omitted to protect the innocent.

Here is his story in his own words:

“I’m not gonna lie the first couple months were rough.

I would get blown out a lot, say shit that backfired,
and get denied when asking for a number.

During that time I developed something that 90% of the
guys that walk the earth don’t have…. its called

I learned that it doesn’t matter what the results were
with any girl I encountered; I was making progress in my
game. The more times I got shot down and blown out, the
more mistakes I corrected.

That confidence allowed me to overcome my approach
anxiety and meet a girl that has literally rocked my
world. This girl looked like she walked off the cover of

I remember after we first hooked up we were watching
“The pickup artist” on VH1 and she made a comment about
how that stuff doesn’t work.

In my mind I was thinking it’s that type of strategy
that got me laid last night.”

My thoughts:

This guy made a decision and followed up with action.

I love he decided to focus and get teachable. He joined
30/30 Club, did what we told him to and got results.

He developed CONFIDENCE. With that he picked up 9s and
10’s regularly.

Women will always be turned on by true confidence.

And he developed a mindset that could keep a girl
interested for the long haul.

Anytime you are ready to make that same decision, I’d
love to share your success story in an email too!

Talk Soon,

Brad P.

PS – True confidence is priceless and it will give you
the power to get anything, or anyone you want. Doing the
right things consistently will get you that. See you in 30/30 Club.