This is Why You’re Not Getting Laid

Wed, 11/03/2015

I’m going to tell you the story of a coaching client of
mine; we’ll call him Romeo.

He’s an IT professional in his early 30s and has never
had much success with girls.

He starts out reading newsletters and free forums, he
gets excited to see that he can finally use his
analytical talents to get himself laid!

After a few weeks, Romeo has spent about 30 hours
reading and studying. He’s going to make sure he gets
this right.

He goes out into the park on his lunch break with an
opener all ready to go.

But then, right before he’s going to make a move, he
feels a pit in the bottom of his stomach, like bees are
buzzing around in there and a clenching in his chest.

It’s like everything is in slow motion. He can barely

Then he rationalizing why he can’t approach the women
around him…

…The first girl he sees seems too snobby…

… The next one is too chubby…

… The third girl is too hot and it’s scary to even
think about talking to her.

Romeo FINALLY works up the nerve to talk to a girl
sitting two benches down from him, but there’s an old
man sitting next to her and Romeo is afraid of what HE
might say.

So he spends a few weeks watching DVDs on “approach
anxiety” and figuring out a new game plan.

Romeo decides to go out to a bar and try the openers
that he saw on the DVD.

Suddenly, before he can do an approach, everything
starts feeling unnatural. He can feel his heart
pounding in his chest and he starts to sweat.

Then he thinks back on a newsletter he once read where
one of the coaches was saying to never used rehearsed
scripts, just be natural.
He thinks maybe he needs to read up on natural game.

…OK, so what the hell is going on here?

A whole lot of NOTHING.

The problem for a lot of guys when they first start to
figure this stuff out is that they’re getting caught up
in information overload.

They’re not taking the ONE action that leads to getting

Approaching girls.

They’re spending too much time reading eBooks and on
Internet forums talking to each other and not enough
time talking to GIRLS.

You need to get out and ACTIUALLY talk to girls.

You’ll learn more from approaching 10 actual girls than
from 20 hours of studying.

In my experience most girls are fairly nice and don’t
bite, kick, punch or shoot. The approach anxiety will
dissipate just from taking action.

I created an environment in my 30/30 Club where you
get just the right information at just the right time to
move you forward.

That way you can take action when you need to and not be
overloaded with unnecessary stuff that will confuse you.

And you’ll get the expert coaching to keep you on track
and getting you out the door taking the action you need
to succeed.

Talk soon,

Brad P