Captain of the Basketball Team Can’t Get Laid

Tue, 21/04/2015

Honestly, do you think I’m too tough on you guys?

The reason I ask, is that that’s exactly what a reader
wrote in and told me a couple of days ago.

He felt that he should just be able to be himself, be
natural, and not have to do all of this “personal
transformation bullshit”.

You know, I really wish that were possible.

I wish it were so easy for guys to have hot sex with
gorgeous hotties, that I could retire and do something

But the fact is, it takes some work.

Look, I do get it…

I know how it feels to be unhappy with where you’re at
with your dating and sex life.

I know how frustrating it is to be just starting out.

You really want to change, but you feel like your
looking at this giant mountain that you have to climb.

So I certainly don’t blame a guy for being a little
pissed off and afraid.

But understand this, I only put in to my programs the
stuff that worked for me and is tested.

So when I ask you to do something, even something that
makes you nervous, it’s for a good reason –

To get you good with girls, so you can get the woman of
your dreams.

Look, it’s all totally doable; I started out in worst
shape than most of you guys, and I did it.

My rough start with women goes all the way back to early

In high school, when the cool kids were starting to
sexually experiment, I was painfully shy and awkward. I
didn’t even know how to talk to girls.

Combine that with a high sex drive and you’ve got a
powder keg for frustration and negativity.

So you know what I did?

I became an overachiever.

I was captain of the basketball team.

I was in a band.

I got straight A’s.

I mean, it all looked impressive from the outside, but I
had no social skills with women, so it didn’t help one
single bit.

Throughout my entire high school career I NEVER had one
single date with a girl from my school.

If this sounds anything like your high school
experience, I feel your pain!

In fact, a lot of my clients have stories that sound
like mine. We may be more alike than you thought.

The story gets a lot better.

I’ll bring you the rest of it in another email. But if
you just can’t wait, check out my book, Diary of a
Pickup Artist

It’s a completely free download and it chronicles my
entire journey from pathetic in high school to total
social freedom.

You’ll see what the right changes are to make so you can
get the girls you want and be happy.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS- It’s all real life experience. You’ll get a peek
into what made me what I am today.

Read it today and let me know what you think.