The Secret No One Knows About a Woman’s Sexuality…

Fri, 03/04/2015

Women are hornier than men.

But they are forced by social norms to bottle it all up
or they’ll be labeled a slut.

And most men have no idea.

Guys think they have to chase women to get laid. They
think they want it more than she does.

There is a 10-minute seduction process that was taught
to me by a true natural, who I call “The Pheromone Kid”.

The first time I saw him do it, it blew my mind. And
the reason it works is because he understood this little
known fact of how horny women really are.

He was an average looking guy who had a knack for
detecting WHEN a girl is horny and wants wild, dirty

He can walk into just about any room and spot them.

He knows how to push their exact buttons to get them
uncontrollably aroused, and quickly lead them somewhere
for a hot, nasty fuck.

And he had the process down so well he could make it all
happen in ten minutes or less.

Look, this is beyond what a lot of guys can even

But here’s the good news for YOU:

The Pheromone Kid was not born this way; he actually
figured this all out.

And that means that getting girls hot and naked and
willing to follow you somewhere for a quickie is
something ANYONE can learn.

The kid taught me a method to walk into any public place
and quickly look for cues that women give off to show
that they are down to fuck.

The signals are quick and subtle, but if you know what
you’re looking for, you’ll see them.

When you know which girls to approach right from the
start, your chances of getting laid are much higher.

I made the Pheromone Kid teach me everything he knows.
And I’ve pulled women for quick sex in 10 minutes or
less, countless times since.

It works and it’s powerful.

If this sounds interesting to you, I put everything into
10 Minute Seduction.

You can learn everything I learned from the Kid.
There’s even and interview with him included in the

Talk soon,

Brad P.