How Guys Become “Magnetic”

Tue, 16/06/2015

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating:

If you’re serious about getting good with girls…

And having a personality and a presence that attracts
women like a magnet…

…Then you need to seriously consider becoming a member
of my 30/30 Club.

I’ve had guys say, “But Brad that costs money and I’m
just really tight right now.”


Look, anything in life worth doing is going to cost. If
it doesn’t cost cold hard cash, it usually costs in some
other way like time or energy.

Most worthy endeavors cost in all three areas.

If a guy isn’t willing to spend a few bucks and put
forth some effort, he’s never going to become the type
of guy who magnetically attracts women, almost like

Oh, you could go to some of the free dating forums out

There are plenty of people on them who chat about dating
and dish advice.

But these forums are total crap.

In fact, let me give you a point-by-point comparison
between 30/30 Club and some of these free dating forums
out there:

1. 30/30 Club is members only. On a public forum any
idiot can join.

2. In 30/30 Club you ONLY get advice from coaches who
have shown the ability to get laid from cold approach.

On a public forum any dickhead keyboard jockey who has
never talked to a girl can give you advice.

3. 30/30 Club protects your privacy. Public forums are
public. Your grandma could read those posts.

4. 30/30 Club has the highest number of members getting
laid on any dating forum. Who are we kidding; those
guys on the free forums are not getting laid.

So it really comes down to a question of quality.

You can pay a few bucks to get the best now, or you can
waste some time on the free forums and come to 30/30
later, when you finally figure out that’s what you
should have done to begin with.

Only at that point you’ve wasted time you can’t get

If you’re serous about getting stellar good with women,
then it’s time to join the winning team.

Check out 30/30 Club today.

We’ll see you inside.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – We are literally a couple of days away from my new
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strategies from the new product.

This is your chance to be on the cutting edge. And probably
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