Top Five Easy Fixes to Skyrocket Your Game

Thu, 18/06/2015

I recently sat down with a client of mine who had
purchase Black Book Method and was looking into joining
30/30 Club.

We’ll call him Billy. Billy is a bright guy, about 30
years old, 5’10, 180 pounds.. He seemed to be motivated,
and I knew he would do well in 30/30.

Billy was smart enough to know that by getting serious
and joining the 30/30 Club, he was changing his life
forever. He was raring to go.

I often try to meet the new guys, just to get a sense
of how they come across. Sometimes I can pick out things
that they need to change in the first 3 minutes of
meeting them, things they never would have thought of,
but could change fairly easily.

In Billy’s case, it took me all of 2 seconds to notice
that his teeth were looking pretty bad.

Honestly, it looked like some kind of unknown disease
had taken over his mouth.

I told him the first chance I got, “First thing you
should do is fix your teeth. It’s going to be a deal
breaker for a lot of women. Do whatever it takes to fix
those teeth as fast as you can.”

I was doing the guy a favor, giving him a high leverage
improvement he can make right away.

When it comes to stuff like bad teeth or flakes in your
hair, you can fix them fairly easily and give your game
a huge boost without much effort.

And while I’m on the subject, here’s my top 5 list of
EASY FIXES that can skyrocket your game-

1- Fix your fashion.

2- Talk to 10 women, just to see what will happen.

3- Fix obvious grooming problems- bad hair, bad teeth,
bad breath.

4- Fix any obvious “deal breakers” that are killing your
chances of getting laid. Examples of deal breakers would
be living with your mom at age 27+, impotence (easy fix
with urologist and medication), stuffed animals in your
bed….you get the idea.

5- Give your laptop charger away to a friend and tell
him not to give it back until you’ve gotten laid. This
is the ultimate cure for being a keyboard jockey.

…Now let’s get back to Billy. I told Billy to fix his
teeth, and he told me he had no dental insurance, so
there would be no way to fix his teeth.


If the world’s top authority on pickup told you to fix
one thing in order to skyrocket your game, would you
immediately say no? Or would you start applying your
creative thinking, and do anything it takes to get that
thing handled?

The problem with Billy is he had already decided it
wasn’t going to happen, and he could be really impairing
his chances with women.

Maybe once we get him in 30/30 Club and he starts seeing
some success, it’ll occur to him all on his own to get
that taken care of.

One step at a time, I guess.

Let me ask YOU something:

What’s one thing you know you could and should do to
improve your chances with women and your overall

What should you do that you’re putting off?

Do that thing today. It will make a massive difference
in your life.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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