Getting Noticed by Hot Women

Mon, 06/07/2015

Here’s a basic problem common to all guys who are crappy
with women:

They have low tolerance for BEAUTY.

Here’s a quote from bestselling author Teresa Mummert:

“The moment you put someone on a pedestal they will look
down upon you.”

Now, this is a perfect description of what happens every
time a new guy freaks out in the company of a really hot

You see, guys with a low tolerance to beauty get a HUGE
rush if they see an extremely sexy girl.

And that rush is making their endorphins go off like a
fireworks display.

Which makes them lose their cool and act like idiots.

The problem is women notice this… and figure that
since you’re not used to being around hot women, there’s
probably a good reason those women avoid you.

And then they make sure to avoid you, too.

So what can you can you do to build your “tolerance” to
hot women… and avoid blowing it by coming off as

The simplest solution is to just talk to a lot of
beautiful women, and to get these “I’m not worthy'”
feelings right out of your system.

You need to get comfortable around hot women. It’s

Beautiful girls are used to guys falling all over

…And when she realizes YOU are immune to her beauty
you will immediately stand out in the crowd.

You will have her FULL attention.

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Brad P.

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