Please Go Hit on Women Now

Wed, 08/07/2015

There is this weird myth out there that a lot of guys
buy into…

…That women dislike being “hit on” and find it

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean:

A while back I was on a date with a high class kind of
girl… mid 20’s and attractive. And she’d just got back
from Europe where she was a math teacher.

She explained that where she was living had been a
dictatorship in the past. And as a result of this, guys
were deathly scared to approach women.

You see, she would get dressed up and go out… but no
one would EVER hit on her. And eventually this made her
feel sad and unwanted, and she even started getting
DEPRESSED over it.

Surprising, isn’t it?

So, she decided to return to the USA… where guys hit
on girls all the time.

She was dying to be hit on.

Now, a lot has been made in the media of “street
harassment”. And certain women are whining about being
hit on too much… and how it’s degrading and


Let me tell you… these are all ridiculous lies from
damaged women who are just being dramatic and trying to
get attention.

That just happens in a mass media driven culture. You
have to learn to discern truth from the BS. That’s
kinda what we do here as we develop our dating skills.

Here’s the real truth…

Healthy women NEED to get hit on.


Well for a start, most girls are not going to make the
first move. It’s not in their nature and that will never
change. Nor should it.

Women crave real men with the balls to approach them.

So what will happen if men aren’t approaching them?

Well, they’ll most likely become lonely and depressed.
They may even LEAVE THE COUNTRY and move somewhere where
men WILL hit on them.

You see, my friend loved the country she was in and
loved her job. But the fact that men would not approach
her, made her question whether she was ugly or had “lost
her touch.”

So with this in mind… please go hit on women.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor, doing her a favor, and
you’ll be doing your country a favor.

But what if hitting on women scares the shit out of you?

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Talk soon,

Brad P.