This is HILARIOUS – Take a Look. . .

Thu, 02/07/2015

Here’s something you’ve got to check out. . .

It’s an Instagram account where women call out men who
write harassing messages online when they get ignored or

It is comedy at it’s finest.

Click here. . .

Seriously I love this stuff, it’s hilarious.

And I suggest you read 5 or 10 of them, and then COME


. . .Okay welcome back.

So here’s a lesson to save you from public
humiliation. . .

1. These guys are bitter, negative losers.

You don’t want to be like that.

Look, if a woman rejects you, just move on to another
woman. Or wait and try again in a few days (and act like
nothing happened).

2. You may not have noticed this, but all the
interactions started with the same 2 things.

Either. . . the functional/natural style greeting (such
as, “How’s it going?”, “What’s up?” or “How are you?”)


A direct compliment on her appearance.

And I’ve noticed many guys love the idea of “going
direct”, without realizing it’s an INSTANT turn off.

You see, attractive women get bombarded daily by guys
who either go direct, or go for the natural/functional

And guess what?

They usually turn out to be creepy losers.

They’re boring at best. . . but at their worst, they make
violent threats and call her fat.

So if YOU act like this too, women will lump you in with
these guys. . .

And it’ll be GAME OVER.

Instead, a far better idea is to give her something
she’s never heard before.

That way, instead of immediately putting you in the
loser bin. . .

She’s forced to think about what you’re saying. . . and to
get to know you better.

That’s the power of unpredictability. . . instantly you
stand out as someone different.

And this applies whether it’s. . .

* An in-person meeting
* Online dating
* Social networking
* Or anywhere else

So how can you get started with this?

Well luckily I’ve got you covered.

The easiest way is to get your hands on my Black Book.

It’s jam packed full of material you can use that will
keep you out of the loser bin…

And force her to think a bit deeper before deciding on a

Watch this video for details.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – This is going to be especially important when you
get the online dating book and start tearing up those
online dating sites.

Women get inundated with hundreds of douchy messages everyday.

With what you’ll learn from Black Book Method behind you, you’re
going to totally stand out and it’ll be YOUR dick she’s sliding up
and down on.