NEWSFLASH: No One Gives a Shit if You Get Shot Down

Mon, 28/09/2015

Somewhere in the last few years, something changed in
the world of meeting women.

I had to confirm it but…

…It’s now official; rejection is no longer noticeable
to bystanders.

It used to be that people would watch each other in bars
and clubs, and women would observe you. They would see
you get success or get rejected, then judge you

This never happens anymore.


Because people are either engrossed in their own
conversations, or they are on their phone reading
Twitter or Facebook posts.

No one is watching you anymore. You can get 10
rejections in a row, and people won’t notice.

Your 11th approach will be just as fresh as your first,
cause everyone is so oblivious to their surroundings

So if you were ever the guy who thinks “I have to go to
another bar, I did not do well here,” you should change
that thinking. Every single approach is a brand new day.

It’s like a video game where you get unlimited free

I’ve thoroughly tested this. I’ve walked up to girls and
asked them to reject me loudly, then asked around the
bar to see if anyone noticed. No one noticed. No one
cares. You’re just not as important as twitter.

So if you have approach anxiety, or you’re scared people
are watching you, they are not.

They are watching Twitter. You can test this yourself if
you don’t believe me. Do the same test.

Say, “tell me to fuck off” to some girls. Then see if
anyone cares. They don’t.
Thanks to twitter for making the game easier than it
used to be.

In my book “Diary of a Pickup Artist,” I talk all about
how I get rejected all the time by women.

It’s completely normal for me to meet 10 women in a
night, get ruthlessly rejected by 2 or 3 of them, but
still end up taking home a hot chick at the end of the

On top of that, I will routinely take 2-3 more phone
numbers in addition to taking a girl home for same night

I hope this drives home the point that it really is a
numbers game, and if you maintain a good attitude and
follow instructions…

…You WILL get laid.

That’s it. Period.

Talk soon,

Brad P.