Proof That You Can Do What I Did…

Thu, 24/09/2015

A lot of guys I coach think I can’t relate to them.

They think I’m just a “natural” and I don’t understand
what it is to be awkward and shy around girls.

I can’t feel their pain and I don’t understand.

“You don’t understand Brad. It’s different for you.”


I know better than most guys what it’s like to be
painfully shy and awkward around girls.

For me, the nightmare started in high school.

Even though I was captain of the basketball team and
joined a band, I did not have ONE SINGLE DATE with a
girl from my high school.

I was frustrated and didn’t know what the hell I was
going to do.

So I went to a college that was 75% women. Better odds

Not really.

I had some sporadic luck in college and had a few
girlfriends. But it was like I only got laid due to
random luck. I couldn’t get it when I WANTED IT.

A few years later I was living in Queens New York and
went through a bad break up with my, then, girlfriend.

I was totally afraid I’d never get a woman like her
again. It was a low point for me.

So I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get
good with women.

It was a decision. And when you make up your mind that
you are going to get it done, that’s it, period…that’s
when things happen.

I learned everything I could from every good book that
was available at the time.

Then I got in with a group of naturals.

I could go out with these guys, study them, and sort of
reverse engineer their success.

I spent the next twelve months going out and meeting
women every single day.

To be honest with you, in the beginning, there was only
fear: the fear of rejection, the fear of embarrassment,
and the fear of criticism.

So to combat fear, I took a job handing out fliers on
the streets of NYC.

This compressed so many rejections into such a short
period of time, that my fear of strangers quickly

I learned that it wasn’t that hard to get women to stop
and talk. Even getting phone numbers wasn’t that hard.

After a few months of this, I learned how to get phone
numbers, dates, and sex on the first date.

I was flying high and loving life. All the hard work was
finally paying off.

During this time, I kept a diary chronicling my
development and the amazing things I was learning. I’d
post some of the entries online, and men from all over
the world would follow my adventures and apply these
same lessons to their own lives.

I’ve gotten emails from hundreds of men saying that my
journal entries helped them succeed more than any book,
DVD, CD, or seminar.

I’ve collected most of the best of them in my book,
Diary of a Pickup Artist.

You can check it out here in the free download section
of my website.

I want to show you what is possible FOR YOU.

Talk soon,

Brad P.