SHOCKING: This is Actually Holding You Back…

Fri, 30/10/2015

A lot of guys won’t go out meeting women unless they
have a wingman to go with them.

Frankly, I think this is a mistake.

I know there are some advantages to going out with a
wing but I think there are far more advantages to
leaving him at home.

Some points to think about:

– You don’t have to wait for anyone or make plans; you
can be spontaneous about when you go out.

– You can feel out different venues and leave or stay
depending on the energy and other factors.

– You automatically put yourself in social situations
more readily when going out alone. You will talk to more
people and join more new social groups.

– No one pulls down your value. The value you present is
completely up to YOU.

– You become more comfortable with yourself. If you can
walk into a public place and be comfortable and cool
just standing alone it is attractive.

– Girls will see you as adventurous and independent.

– It takes BALLS. You need to create a set of balls for
yourself. It’s more important than any theory or

Drawbacks of going with a wing:

– If they fuck up, you look bad. Your success depends on
their performance to an extent.

– Finding a wing, calling a wing, meeting a wing, etc.
It can be a lot of legwork.

– Thinking that you NEED a wing. Guys are so emotionally
needy, especially early on in their development. You do
not NEED a wing. You have a greater potential than you

– If your wing is better than you it’s a crutch. Or he’s
overshadowing you. If he’s worse than you it’s a

Going out alone definitely falls into the idea of
working smarter, not harder.

Anything that builds your social skills is like money in
the bank.

Once you build social skills you never loose them and
they will get you laid for the rest of your life.

If you’re looking for someplace to start, you may want
to check out my Black Book Method, where I give you
everything you need to build crazy good social skills
with women.

Talk soon,

Brad P.