A Subtle Trick to Look HOT in Her Eyes

Tue, 08/12/2015

A huge part of being effective with women revolves
around your personal identity.

And in this email, I’m going to explain how you can
express it using a little trick I call the “secondary
identity hook.”

It’s subtle but super effective.

The whole idea is that you’re going to take a really
attractive part of your identity… and put it 2 layers
down in your story. But you’re going to glaze over it as
you go.

You want to make sure the primary hook of the story is
always something SOCIAL. So it should be about people,
and the interactions that go on.

Here’s a perfect example:

If I had a great identity as an airline pilot, I might
tell a story like this:

“So in airline-pilot school there was this group of
girls who always walked around together and ate
together. We used to call them the mean girls… etc

You see, the main point of the story is that there was a
group of girls called the mean girls. But the fact that
you’re a pilot is just a SECONDARY part.

The cool thing about this is it allows you to express
your identity without sounding like you’re bragging.

And it also functions as a clever piece of “bait.”

She might say, “Whoa, back up, you’re an airline pilot?”

Then you have an opening to either talk more about that,
or you could just dangle it without talking about it,
like this…

“Oh yeah, I never told you that? I’ll tell you all about
it later.”

You can even do that in the first 15 minutes, because it
makes the girl feel like she’s known you for a while.

So the format is simple…

Wrap your most attractive identity features in stories
that are appealing to women, such as social stories.

By doing this you’ll have a great means of expressing
your identity.

But for more advanced tips and strategies about your
identity the best place to go is my 30/30 Club.

You see, the first month of the curriculum is devoted
entirely to this subject. It’s purely designed to
transform you into the sort of guy that women want to be

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Talk soon,

Brad P.