The ONLY Way to Seduce Her With a Compliment…

Thu, 21/01/2016

Here’s something a lot of guys completely mess up…

Giving women a lot of compliments.

I just read this great article on
called, “Why Don’t My Compliments Work on Women?”

You can read it here…

The author, a woman, lists things like objectifying,
coming off creepy, and being annoying, as the way a lot
of women receive compliments from men.

She’s absolutely right.

Women are tired of guys complimenting them all the time
because it shows sexual neediness…

…Which makes them want to run the other way as fast as

You know what would be a much smarter approach?

…Compliment her FRIENDS instead.

Yes, I realize it sounds counter-intuitive. But…

…It works because it makes your target girl want to
seek your approval by activating her COMPETITIVE streak.

If you’re complimenting her friends then she will
automatically want your approval too.

It’s a knee jerk reaction that she can’t even help.

Female psychology is fun 🙂

Having said that, there is ONE situation where giving
compliments to your target girl IS a good idea…

And that’s when it’s pretty clear she has lower social
value than you and therefore doesn’t have a “chance”
with you.

In this case it’s a good idea to pump up her tires, so
to speak, and make her feel better about herself.

But whatever you do, make sure the compliments you give

This can be crazy effective when you do it right.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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