What To Do When You See Her in Public

Tue, 05/01/2016

You want to hear something funny that happens to me all
the time?

I see girls I’ve slept with while I’m out and about.

And they never give me any shit.

Occasionally their friends will give me shit, but the
girl will usually defend me and call off her attack

And this happens because I make it a point to be giving
women positive sexual experiences.

There are ways to frame a one-night stand that make
women happy and appreciative that it happened.

If you’re doing this wrong, and hurting the girl’s
feelings in the process, that’s not good karma and
you’re going to run into problems.

Here’s how you frame a one-night stand as a positive

Don’t act like you’re gonna be her boyfriend. Don’t get
all hyped up and make future experience projections if
you don’t have any intention of keeping them.

The frame is more like this- “we are both sexual people.
I understand you are a naturally sexy woman and I’d
never view you as a slut. It doesn’t matter if you do
this all the time or I do this all the time.

Tonight is the only thing that matters. Live in the

Project sexual comfort. Women LIKE to be seduced under
the proper circumstances and they never want to feel
like a slut.

And here’s what you do when you see her in public:

Go say hi. Don’t try to hide out, run away or not be
noticed. Be normal and comfortable.

Don’t act fucking weird. If you act awkward the girl
will assume you are doing so for a good reason and you
will set loose a flurry of confusion or anger.

Girls always adapt to your frame, so set a frame that
works: I’m a cool guy, I get lots of girls, it’s not a
big deal, maybe see you again sometime, maybe not.

You’re cool, I’m cool, everyone is happy.

Treat her like a friend. Be happy to see her but don’t
hang around too long. This is high value behavior. If
you are high value, people won’t question you.

And if you use my stuff to fuck a bunch of women and you
live in a small town, a trip to the mall could get weird
real quick.

Now that you know how to play off any post
one-nightstand awkwardness, feel free to go give women
the time of their lives!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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