Hot Women Don’t Get as Much Sex as You Think

Tue, 02/02/2016

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I’m always asking to
hear your success stories.

When you tell me how studying my stuff GOT YOU LAID it
makes my entire fucking day.

I just got an amazing story from Brian.

Check it out:


“Hi Brad,

“A friend gave me a copy of some of your materials
several months ago. but after studying it and practicing
it, I decided to sign up last month to “pay you back”.

Well, I did it mainly because your program WORKS.

I just had full close last weekend with a hot 9 that I
would have had NO chance with before studying your

A couple of things too I noted about super hot chicks,
which made sense only after studying your program:

1. She had a ton of orbiters. Several ex-boyfriends,
several friends who bought her many, many, things.

She even has one stalker guy with a tattoo of his name
on her chest.

After learning game, orbiters are cool instead of
“threats”. I’ve gotten free drinks from other chick’s

Also, when I didn’t feel like driving her home, no
problem orbiter x picked her up, etc.

2. Super hot chicks don’t get to have sex as often as
they one might think. She had to sift through hundreds
of douchebags and was very paranoid about having sex
after too many dudes “got all weird” on her afterwards.

I almost felt sorry for her and realized like you said
many dudes think chicks hold all the cards, but it’s
really the guys with game who hold the cards.

3. Guys with great game are good for chicks too!
Some women might accuse guys with game as being
“shallow” but the truth is in my experience that both
the guy and the girl are having a great time.

Like you’ve said girls just wanna have fun.

Got to go… she’s texting me saying she’s confused why
I asked her for instructions on technique for how to
properly stuff a thanksgiving turkey…”


My comments:

This is the sort of thing I’d like to hear from

Brian got out there and took ACTION. And the funny thing
is that when you do that…

You see the truth in reality. You see for yourself,
that what I teach you in the material is TRUE.

Brian saw for himself the plethora of douche bag male
orbiters that typically surround a solid 9 or a 10.

And he walked right past that shit and got in her pants.

That’s my boy! So proud…

Learning to develop your SOCIAL SKILLS with women puts
real power in your hand.

So if you’re ready to kick your success with women into
overdrive, check out this little video I put together…

Talk soon,

Brad P.