Something That Works Every Time

Wed, 17/02/2016

I know tons of students are in love with the idea of
direct game.

Do you know what that is?

…It’s basically NO-GAME. You walk up to her and just
tell her she’s beautiful or something like that.

I know, try not to throw up in your mouth at the thought
of it.

I know you would probably never do this but sometimes
guys get ideas in their heads and no one can convince
them otherwise.

So they come to my workshops and try their “direct

I am open-minded so I let them try it and I observe.

…It flops every time.

When I say “flops” I mean that one of two things

One: It gets a blowout and the girl looks like “oh wow,
this is making me uncomfortable to get an unwarranted
compliment out of nowhere from a needy guy”.

Two: The girl gets a big smile, her ego goes to cloud
nine, then she does the “politely give this guy a
chance” thing for a couple of minutes, then she decides
to leave because it’s boring and there’s no challenge.

I always give the student about 5 tries because I don’t
want to piss on anyone’s parade.

After they flop 5 times I give them one of the openers
from my Black Book Method and it works way better.

The girls start talking to them, show attraction, and
they get better results.

I’m not against the idea of direct game, or the theory,
or anything else.

I’m not trying to bash anyone or start any arguments.

I’m open to anything that works.

And for me to use a method or to teach it, it has to be
PROVEN to get guys laid.

But there’s lot’s of dating material out there that
caters to people’s small comfort zones by giving them
nice-guy stuff or “direct game”.

They want to continue to cling to old fashion BS dating
advice like “just tell her you like her and ask her out.
Be confident.” – The kind of stuff your grandma tells

And this really hurts guys because it enables them to
stay a pussy forever.

The guys who learn this stuff tend to become
approach-artists. That’s a guy who can open pretty well
but never gets laid.

They NEVER learn the mindset of a guy who is dominant.

The Black Book Method openers do more than open, they
teach you a mindset that will get you laid.

Do you want to learn a few of them right now?

Check out my short video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.