The Delusion that Wastes Your Time

Wed, 24/02/2016

Good day fellow pussy pounders.

I love how you guys write in with your success. It
always makes my day.

And please don’t be offended if I don’t send you a
personal response every time.

There are just not enough hours in the day…

But I got a slightly long-winded email from a guy whose
really working on his identity. He was putting a little
too much emphasis on what I would consider some of the
wrong things.

Rather than send him a personal response, I figured I’d
put together a quick lesson for the newsletter, because
it’s important and we can all benefit.

So, let me ask you…

Have you ever heard of the concept in economics of the
law of diminishing returns?

Basically it means when you do more and more of an
activity, at some point it yields less and less

…Eventually reaching a point where doing the activity
gives you no benefit at all.

With that in mind…

There are certain things I find a lot of guys doing that
they THINK will get them positive attention from women
and ultimately lots of sex.

And maybe these things help A LITTLE, but only to a
point. After a while guys keep putting a whole lot of
effort into these wasteful activities and get little to
no return.

…If your main priority is to bring a lot more sex into
your life, you may want to consider shit canning or at
least strongly de-emphasizing the following:

Getting super ripped at the gym.

Guys get it in their head that the more buff they are,
women are just going to throw themselves at their feet
and say fuck me!

Only a select group of women, maybe five percent, really
look for guys who are ripped. And you don’t want to work
that hard to attract five percent of women.

Look, if you’re a fat slob, definitely get in the gym
and shape up. But to spend 30 hours a week in the gym to
get ripped, like a fitness model – the returns diminish.

If you’re in average shape, that’s good enough. Your
GAME will take you the rest of the way.

And the next big one…

Trying to make a lot of money thinking that will make
women want you.

Look, this could take decades and the irony of that is
that, by then, a lot of hotties would count you out
because you’re too old.

A lot of girls find older rich guys unreliable and
intimidating. It actually turns them off.

Trust me, I’ve been teaching this 11 years and I have
clients worth 20 million dollar who have to hire me to
get women.

You want to know how I tell these guys to better spend
their time?

It just so happens I have a free 30-minute audio that
explains exactly that.

It’s called Work Smarter, Not Harder and you can get it
by clicking here.

It should save you a ton of time and energy and get you
on the right track FAST.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Talk soon,

Brad P.