Your Own Personal SUPER HOT Stalker

Mon, 08/02/2016

Have you ever had a girl pursue you?

I’m not saying just casually reach out, but actually
chase you HARD?

If so, you know it probably feels weird. Just the other
day, one of my buddies met a girl online who started
texting him non-stop, then she sent him a picture
looking for validation… and when he didn’t respond
positively to the picture…

She Literally FREAKED OUT.

She began demanding to know why he wasn’t into her, what
was wrong, the works… and he just ignored her.

Then days later, she began texting him again.

He didn’t respond.

When he told me about it, here’s what he said: “I’ve
never realized how unattractive and repulsive it is to
try so hard to impress somebody and get validation.”

In other words, his eyes were opened to how HE acted
with women in the past, and why they didn’t give him the
time of day.

Now that he has become attractive and is on the other
side of the fence, it became so much clearer to him.


We live in a society that praises hard work and effort.
There are a gazillion slogans around working harder,
pushing, going 110%… you name it.

The problem is that this attitude and mindset is DEAD
WRONG when it comes to dating.


Because as you just saw, the harder you seem to be
trying, the lower your value in her eyes.

If I were going to create a math equation, it would look
something like this:

Value = (Cool + Triggers)/Trying

In other words, how cool you are and your ability to
trigger the right things in her, divided by how hard you

The bigger your “trying” number in the equation, the
lower the value.

But appearing effortless of course MULTIPLIES your
value. And that creates massive attractiveness, even
obsession in her and gives you all the power.

One of the best ways you can appear effortless today is
with tight online game.

Tight online game is what got my friend into all that
trouble with his lady stalker (a high quality problem –

I have a method that I’m teaching guys to create that
“Online Spark.”

It creates that sense of chemistry that you get when you
meet a chick in person and it just “clicks”.

I’ll tell you exactly what to say and even give you copy
and paste email exchanges.

Guys, it doesn’t get any easier to be that guy that
turns a hottie into your own personal stalker.

Watch my video to learn how.

Talk soon,

Brad P.