Being a Badass in the Face of Rejection

Wed, 20/04/2016

One of my dedicated 30/30 club students just asked me a
great question about rejection and keeping a high mental

Here it is:


“Hi Brad,

I have been your online student for some time now, and I
got a really confusing question from your Black Book

Here is a direct quote from Black Book:

(“You should take LOTS of numbers. Many will lead to
nowhere. Lots of women will give you their number even
if they have no intention of dating you. If you want 3
dates, you should take 12 numbers or more.”)

The problem is, when only 30%-40% of girls you
approached give you their numbers, and 3 out of 12 girls
will come out for the date, this means only around 8
girls per 100 approaches would be “closed” or attracted
to you.

I know we should not be too “mathematical” here but,
with such low successful rate in the dating world, how
should we convince ourselves that we are a high value


My thoughts:

This is a fantastic question.

8 out of 100 is a great result in the real world.

Assuming you can approach 30 women per month, you would
fuck 29 new girls per year. I think that’s a lot more
than the average guy gets. Don’t you?

Wouldn’t you be happy fucking 29 new girls this year?

Your other question is more theoretical, but very

How should we convince ourselves that we are high value
guys? Am I attractive to women?

And here is the answer:

In the real world, women get attracted to men all the
time but choose not to have sex with them.

A woman’s sexual decisions are more complex.

Men think it’s simple. Sex = Attraction, “if she is
attracted to me, she will have sex with me. If she
doesn’t have sex with me, that means she’s not attracted
to me.”

Wrong! It’s not that simple. Sex and attraction are not

In the real world, women have sex with men sometimes
even though she is NOT ATTRACTED TO HIM.

She also turns down attractive men all the time.
Confused yet?

It’s normal for a woman to turn down 20 men she’s
attracted to before having sex.

That’s because women are complicated and it’s not all
based on looks or high value.

It’s also based on situations. Maybe she’s already
having sex with 3 guys, maybe she’s having a herpes
outbreak, maybe her Dad just died.

Maybe she thinks you’re hot but you look like her ex.
Maybe she finds you too smooth and fears she could never
make you her boyfriend.

Women are very complex and unpredictable. For this
reason, it’s essential that you meet lots of women and
you never take rejection to be a sign that you are “low
value” or unattractive.

Rejection is a normal part of the game.

The factor that makes you high value is your ability to
see that rejection is harmless and quickly move on to
the next woman.

If you need EVERY woman to like you, then you are an
approval seeking pussy and you will never get anywhere.

The only important thing is that YOU like you and no one
can change that.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS- Guys who fuck 40-50 women a year routinely have
jealous haters who say terrible things about them. They
just don’t care.

They don’t need everyone to like them.

Needing everyone to like you is NEEDY BEHAVIOR and is a
huge turn off to women.

A true alpha male always knows that there will be people
who don’t like him and he overcomes his insecurities and
learns to love himself.