Don’t Forget What Brought You to the Party

Wed, 20/04/2016

Do you remember the AMAZING testimonial letter I shared
with you guys earlier this week?

It was from Greg and he outlined how by diligently doing
the work in 30/30 club he became a whole new man with
outrageous confidence and amazing power with women.

He went from having slept with 8 women in his entire
life up that point to over sixty after 30/30 club.

That is a lot of fucking sex.

He ended up finding the girl of his dreams and got into
a steady relationship.

For guys who start out as kind of nice-guy wimps and
then get good fast, sometimes there are pitfalls…

Like slipping back into old habits.

Let me share with you a little more of Greg’s story:


“Even though the relationship seems fantastic, I am
starting to feel a bit worried – for some reason I worry
that I have let go of too much power/dominance in the

I admit, she was always the one making plans, as she was
used to that, but the first couple of months she would
always ask me for my opinion – “is this okay?”

I was probably more assertive and dominant back then,
but now it seems she’s gone from asking me for my take
to “let’s do this.” and puts up resistance if I suggest
other plans.

I worry that I have gone softer as the months have
passed, and looking back I am certain I have become less
dominant. I know this will impact the relationship, and
so I would like to ask you… what can I do to regain
that power?

Thanks for reading my email, Brad.”


A wise business mentor of mine once said this about
becoming successful:

Don’t forget what brought you to the party.

That means, just because you are starting to see fruits
of your labor, it’s no time to slack off and ride your

If you worked real hard to build a business and you
finally start making a bunch of money, and then stop
paying attention and doing the things that made you
great, revenues will drop off.

If you run tight game and totally bedazzle a fucking
ten, and then stop doing the things that made you
attractive to her in the first place, you damn well
better believe it’ll impact the relationship.

If you don’t turn that around, sooner or later, there
won’t be a relationship.

Greg, get dominant fast. Turn that shit around. And
here’s the key…


Don’t con yourself to believe this is the last tight
piece of ass, you’ll ever see.

If she senses you’re afraid to lose her, she’ll see
right through you and it won’t work.

Now get to work and send me an update so I can share it
with all the rest of the subscribers!

I’m sure we all want to see how this turns out…

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – If you want to make sure this NEVER happens to you,
watch this video now.