If You Think You Can’t Do It, Read This Now…

Wed, 20/04/2016

I had a subscriber who couldn’t decide if he wanted to
buy my Black Book Method.

He had loomed at some other coach’s material and it
overwhelmed him. It wasn’t well organized and didn’t
take him in a logical progression from one skill to the

Black Book looked like exactly what he needed, he was
just having doubts about whether he could do this at

A lot of guys have doubts.

Maybe you have doubts.

And if you do, I feel you.

I know what it’s like to be just starting out and be
faced with uncertainty and fear.

But I’ve got some great news:

You absolutely CAN do it.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, I KNOW you can.
ANYBODY can if they have the right teacher and the right

Let me tell you a story about a young Brad P.

He wasn’t sure he could do it either…

I remember it like it was yesterday:

The year was 2004, and I had just emerged from a messy
breakup with my girlfriend in Queens, New York City.

I was devastated. I never thought I have a chick that
hot and perfect again.

When I first met her she radiated joy sex and sunshine
without even the latest bit of effort.

I was enamored right from the word go.

We spent everyday and night together for months.

She blew me away with energy, her body, and her smile.

I felt like I could see the fucking universe when she
looked in my eyes – like a droplet of water telling you
about the ocean.

Are you hearing this? The girl made me think POETRY –
that’s how deep I was in this.

Like what happens to a lot of guys, I was so into her
she quickly became a drug for me. When I wasn’t with
her I felt incomplete.


As quickly as it became a thing, it ended.

She went through an emotional overhaul – confused, young
and indecisive, it happens.

And it turned my world inside out.

And I had this fear that I would never get a woman like
her again.

So I swore to myself right then and there I was going to
figure out how to get any woman I want. Whenever I want.

And this was the last straw after a lifetime of failure
with women…

…My difficulty with girls went all the way back to

I was tall, shy and awkward and really had no idea how
to relate to girls.

In high school, my solution to the problem was to become
the big man on campus.

I figured if I could be good at things like sports and
academics, chick would be into me, right?

So I became the captain of the basketball team and
joined a rock band.

I thought for sure being in a band would get me laid.
That gets everybody laid.

Didn’t get me anywhere.

College was a little better but not much. A girlfriend
here and there, but they were generally in short supply.

So I basically had a lack mentality with women.

That’s why I kind of freaked when my girlfriend left in

At the time I was working as a mental health counselor
and a social worker, so I was into psychology and

This is when I discovered books on pick-up in the self
help section of the bookstore.

I devoured everything I could find and shortly after
that, hooked up with some real pick-up pros that taught
me everything they knew.

They showed me that:

1. I had nothing to be afraid of and;
2. With the application of a few simple techniques I
could tap almost any woman I wanted.

For like a year I learned from these guys and applied
what I learned and made it my chief obsession.

I was having one night stands, threesomes, a rotation
with 5 or 6 girls at a time, and amazing SEX.

It was like I was living in a whole new world.

That world is available to you too.

In fact, it’s my mission in life to show this world to
as many guys as I possibly can.

If you’re ready, watch my short video here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.