Keep Gaming, or Settle Down with a Girlfriend?

Wed, 20/04/2016

Most guys with awesome dating skill eventually face a

Whether or not to settle down with a girlfriend.

There’s of course no one right answer for everyone.
It’s totally subjective. It depends on what you really

I got a great question about this from a reader a few
days ago:


“A lot of my friends seem perfectly content with
settling down with girlfriends and hanging up the spurs
completely, but I can never seem to pull it off.

I’ll get in a relationship, be happy with it for a
while, but inevitably the itch comes back and I start
looking for the door.

Are some guys just hungrier for it?

I guess I’m just sounding off a bit because the ex is
starting to resurface and I’m in one of those “fuck
these dumb bar bitches, I hate them all anyway” phases.
I guess my ultimate question for you is: what’s the end
game? Where would you ideally end up, and when would you
ideally exit the game? It’s tricky shit and I’m fishing
for insight.”


My Answer:

Well the first thing is this – go somewhere else than
the bar! Change it up a bit.

I get tired of hitting bars after a while and then I
experiment with day game until I miss bar game again.

It keeps things fresh.

And, honestly, if the only place I hit on a girl is in a
bar, then I’d probably get sick of it too.

About staying in the game versus settling down:

It’s been my observation over the years that it’s a
man’s own personality and motivations that makes him
more or less likely to get in the game (and stick to

I think the end game for the majority of guys out there
is staying with a girl you love.

Learning dating skills makes you much more able to
achieve that. But….

It’s a double-edged sword. It can actually make it
harder to settle down because you know that because of
your awesome dating skills you always have options.

Yes, there will probably come a point in your life where
your wingmen disappear and you’re getting older and
losing motivation to continue gaming women.

I saw this in three former wingmen/students who were
into it hardcore, but now one is married, one is about
to be, and the other is in a two-year relationship.

For some guys there is a point where they say, “fuck it”
and pick the best available girl and go with it.

I still think it’s best to DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO,
instead of letting your environment or circumstances
decide for you.

That is the essence of having CHOICE.

That is what social freedom really is.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – You want to how these guys get to this point? How
they have so much social freedom?

Watch my short video.