My Interview is Now Live on Playboy Radio!

Wed, 20/04/2016

The interview I just did for Playboy Radio is now live!

You can listen to it right here.

It’s a podcast called “Ask Women” and it’s hosted by
Marni from the Wing Girl Method.

My episode is right at the top and it’s called “Why
Women Have No Clue What They Want”.

Marni is one of the rare women who “gets it”.

She gives men actionable advice and is able to translate
“womanese” into something men can understand so they
don’t end up going on a wild goose chase (like they do
when they listen to 99% of other women).

The interview was me and 3 hot girls.

Here’s the gist of what I went into in the interview:

Women will tell you they want one thing, but usually
their behavior indicates the exact opposite.

For instance:

Women say they want a nice guy with a nice clean car,
but they fuck an alpha guy with a dirty car, and then
keep fucking him while they plot ways to turn him into a
beta nice guy.

They want to turn him into a guy who’s always cleaning
his car.

This is based on an example from Dr. Robert Glover’s “No
More Mr. Nice Guy.”

(A great book btw, if you’ve never read it)

My point (and Dr. Glover’s) is that they really don’t
respond to or get aroused by a clean fucking car!

They fuck an alpha guy BECAUSE he’s alpha.

Here’s where it got interesting:

In the interview when I brought this up, the hot chicks
all said, “YES I want the guy with a clean car.”

…But then one of them immediately launched into a
story about how she was banging a guy whose car was
dirty. This proved my point. Women say they want one
thing, then they make the opposite sexual choices.

You see?

They don’t have a fuckin’ clue 🙂

So here’s the lesson I want you to take away from this:

Ignore all verbal advice from women at all times!

Always pay attention to women’s BEHAVIORS and the
ACTIONS they take. Watch their decisions.

Ignore words. Observe behaviors.

You gotta hear the rest of the show.

Talk soon,

Brad P.