Reaping the Rewards of Game

Wed, 20/04/2016

I pulled a great one out of the mailbag today.

One of my clients scored with a stripper and has a great
question about maintaining attraction on the next date.

This is Alan:


“So I’m at a strip club the other night…

I see this gorgeous dancer at the bar. She has the best
body I’ve ever seen.

I could instantly tell she was not our regular American
female and I was guessing she was eastern European.

So I strike up the conversation, and I find out she is
half German and half Czech. I find out that she speaks 4
languages and soon we are flirting in Russian and

So we sit and talk for an hour in between taking shots
of Patron and some dances when she hits the stage. So
I’m engaging her with light sexual convo while never
showing too much attention.

So I whisper some game in her ear like, “I wonder if
those lips are as soft as they look.” Well five minutes
later, we are in the back and I find out. FYI, they are.
So she’s giving me this great dance and we’re lightly

So when we’re done, she says, “I’m not playing you” and
I get exactly what she means. The chemistry was so
thick, you could cut it.

She keeps trying to deny how she feels by saying, “You
can’t find something like this in a club.” Anyways, she
puts her number in my phone and goes to get dressed. We
walk out together and she calls me when gets home just
to see if I made it wherever I was going.

Anyways she said she will call me this weekend and here
is where I need your advice.

How can I reengage the chemistry after she’s had four
days to talk herself into disbelief. So where do I go
from here? How can I keep her interested? What attitude
do you go into the 2nd meeting with?”


My Answer:

The goal of the date isn’t so much to intensify the
attraction but simply be fun, relaxed, and not screw up.

You’ll screw up by trying too hard like we might do when
we first approach by keeping the conversation going at
all costs. But you have her attention while alone on a
date and don’t need to worry about that.

Keep it light and humorous while making an honest
attempt to get to know her. This is the stage you want
to build that comfort and trust so she doesn’t mind you
coming inside her place after the date is over.

You asked “How can I keep her interested?” Why aren’t
you asking, “How can she keep ME interested?”

It will take some time to experience this mind shift,
but don’t think that girls aren’t also worrying if she’s
interesting enough for you. Otherwise you’re on the right

Think of dates as easy and fun where you reap the
rewards from your earlier game. Nothing more.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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