She Wants a Relationship… What Do I Do?

Wed, 20/04/2016

For all of you badasses out there, there’s something I
need to warn you about…

…And it doesn’t get talked about too much because we
spend most of our time developing faster and better ways
to get laid:

When you start meeting a lot of women, sooner or
later you’ll find one who wants to rope you into a
long-term relationship.

One of my subscribers, Ted, just wrote in with this:


“I’m dating a girl, but I don’t want a relationship with
her. She wants to stay with me anyway and I fear that
she’s in love, although I don’t feel the same. Should I
end it now?

“The thing is, I’m moving away to university in
September, and I want a clean slate. She knows this and
wants to spend these next few months with me.

“We get on and really like each other, but I don’t want
to marry her or anything like that. I ended it before,
but she came back to me and says that she just wants us
to be together while we can. She says she is happy with
being ‘friends with benefits’ and no more than that.

“I just don’t want to hurt her, and I want to know if
it’s better to wrap it up with her now; can we continue
until I move away?”



It’s a woman’s natural tendency, if she’s really into
you, to want you exclusively.

And this creates a problem if you want to keep her

And let me tell you all something…

Ted’s woman above is definitely not OK just being
together while we they can. She’s being careful…

…Biding her time…

…So she can sink her teeth in.

If a chick’s into you, she’s gonna want to lock that
shit down pronto. It’s just in her nature.

So here’s what I suggest you do IF you want keep an open
relationship (or fuck buddy) for months (without the

1. Keep the amount of contacts per week down.

2. Make it clear your lifestyle is busy (and a little
crazy). This way she knows intuitively you’re not the
exclusive relationship type.

3. Avoid DTR (define the relationship) discussions by…

* Sidestepping (use funny comebacks then change the
* High value sidestepping (“Aww, so cute, you’re SO into

And remember this:

…If she gives you long term relationship vibes early
on, she’s either…

* Psycho
* Needy
* Looking for a husband
* Or ONLY has interest in long-term relationships.

So, it’s important to QUICKLY figure out if she’s in any
of the above categories…

Because if she is…

You need to GET OUT and start over immediately.

Girls are smart these days…

…Their magazines tell them all kinds of ways to trap
you into a long term relationship without ever bringing
up the topic.

And if she is bringing it up early, the alarm bells
should ring…

You need to stay in control and not allow her to make
you do things you don’t want to do.

Don’t back down unless you’re absolutely certain that’s
what you want.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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