This One Ability Will Get You Laid for a Lifetime…

Wed, 20/04/2016

In today’s newsletter, I want to get back to BASICS with
you guys.

I got a letter from a subscriber to this newsletter who
hasn’t bought any of my products yet.

Typically I don’t answer those.

And it’s not to be a dick or say “buy my shit, before I
give you the time of day”.

No it’s nothing like that.

The thing about questions from total newbies is that
they have no skin in the game.

They haven’t spent their first dime on any material,
they haven’t learned anything new or outside their
comfort zone, and because they haven’t read the material
yet, they have no infield experience applying it.

So I’m going to share with you a note I just got from a
guy and then, you think about how YOU would answer him:



As a good-looking guy, i have found it extremely easy to
get with MEDIUM looking girls. But I am finding it
difficult to traverse the border and start hooking up
with hot girls. I just cannot seem to make that
transition. I would love to hear your advice.

– Reece”


OK, now before you scroll down the page, stop and think:

What would YOU tell him?

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of
time it should be pretty obvious…

My Answer:

Social Skills!!!!!

I think you are depending on your looks a bit too much.

I actually tell guys not to waste your time trying to
get buff and fit to attract girls.

It’s a low return on investment activity.

To learn more about that, listen to my free download,
Work Smarter, Not Harder. It’s available in the free
members area of my website.

Look, let’s pretend you are an ugly guy… how would you
get girls? You would probably have to get off your ass
and approach more right?

And then work on some kick ass routines as well instead
of just relying on casual conversation, right?

And you’d start approaching hot girls too, something I
have a feeling you are not doing.

Developing game is the answer to your problem.

Talk soon,

Brad P.