Totally Unfair, But it Gets You Laid…

Wed, 20/04/2016

If your motivation is strong enough, you can do

A while back I read about a homeless guy in New York who
picks up girls and gets laid on a regular basis.

His name is Joe and he spends his days panhandling in
Manhattan, sometimes earning as much as $150 a day.

In his situation, the easiest way for him to sleep in a
bed and have a shower… is to pick up women and go back
to their place.

Now there’s a motivation you don’t see everyday.

…But it’s a powerful one.

So he goes out of his way to always look good, and to
talk to as many girls as possible.

Because of this, he gets a LOT more pussy than the
average guy… despite his apparent disadvantage.

I’m not recommending becoming homeless to improve your
game. That would be insane.

But here’s the reason I’m telling you this:

He’s in a situation where most guys would consider
themselves to have NO chance at all with women…

But he can’t afford to let his negative beliefs take
over and defeat him before he has even started. Instead
he’s prepared to do what’s necessary.

Necessity really is the mother of invention.

The key to this is that he has no comfort zone or safety
net to retreat to. It’s either pick up women or sleep in
the streets.

There’s a lesson in this for guys who use their
circumstances as an excuse to not even try…

…Especially those with financial problems…

…All it takes is the DESIRE to change and the
willingness to IMPLEMENT the information in this free
newsletter and also my products.

So if you can come up with enough desire, I can show you
an easy and powerful way that I came up with to enable
you to get just about any girl.

Now, full disclosure here…

This method isn’t “fair”.

In fact, it’s a little devious…

Because it directly stimulates the “attraction centers”
of a woman’s brain, and makes her insanely attracted to

So if you’re not ready for that, do NOT click this link.

You see, it leads to a free video presentation with
content some people would say is “disturbing”…

But as a valued subscriber, I know you’ll use the
information for good, not evil.

One thing though…

This presentation may not be up for long.

Like I say, some people (particularly closed-minded
older women) find this content offensive…

And are probably petitioning to have it taken down as we

In 24 hours, it might not be there any more… I don’t

What I do know is this is valuable info that could
completely revolutionize your dating life.

Get started today.

Talk soon,

Brad P.