The Sign on Her Forehead that Says “Fuck Me”

Tue, 24/05/2016

Are you using online dating to get laid yet?

If not, what the hell are you waiting for.

It’s makes hooking up about as easy as doing a Google
search. And we’ve spent the last week with this
newsletter talking about rejection with cold approach…

…In the digital world the dating site does the
sorting and kind of takes the rejection for you.

And did you know…

…That there are specific words in a woman’s online
dating profile that literally SCREAM that she’s looking
for sex?

These are words that all women unknowingly use that are
basically advertising that she’s horny and wants to get

…And once you know how to spot these, sleeping with a
woman on the first date becomes the rule not the

And going even further…

YOU can use these words in your messages to women to
compel them to write back to you.

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As you know, I did this for five years and collected
vast amounts of data to figure out what works best to
get women off the internet and back to your place.

This method has been relentlessly tested on multiple
sites and platforms.

You see, online dating is the best way to go. You have
access to literally 100’s more women than you would
approaching out in public.

And with this method you can go to that fertile market
and create a dating profile that makes these women
desperate to meet you…

…And have women hoping for sex with YOU on the first

…And you even get entire sequences of messages that
you can just copy and paste.

It is literally that easy.

Are you ready to make it rain pussy?

Talk soon,

Brad P.