This is Far Worse than Rejection…

Wed, 25/05/2016

A lot of guys think getting flat out rejected by a woman
is the worst thing that can ever happen to you…

…But like I said a few days ago, rejection is great
because it saves you TIME.

Because she rejected you, you MOVE ON.

When you’re gaming women time is a precious commodity.

You know what I think is the worst thing that can happen
to a guy?

…Getting doomed to the dreaded FRIENDZONE.

It’s the most agonizing, painful feeling in dating.

It destroys your life slowly when you fall in it…

And you spend months or years being misled and taken
advantage of by some asshole chick. Plus you’re throwing
away opportunities for sex with new women because your
time is being taken up by this “female friend.”

Avoid this at all costs.

Here’s my tip for the day on how to do that:

Force every girl you talk to into either becoming
attracted to you or rejecting you… in 3 minutes or

This is exactly what I do. And I’ve gotten laid
literally hundreds of times from it.

So consider this…

The friend zone is more destructive to your life than
rejection could ever be.

Rejection is harmless.

There are ZERO repercussions.

And no one is keeping a permanent record of how many
times women reject you.

So every time you start talking to a new woman it’s a
clean slate. Even if you got rejected 10 times that
night, it wouldn’t matter.

But if this advice is making your uncomfortable, let me
tell you why:

Other “experts” prey on your gullibility by teaching you
to “avoid rejection” while I teach you to CAPITALIZE on

This is why I like to say rejection is a gift from God.

It’s the mechanism you can use to avoid the friend zone,
and get 10 times more sex than guys who focus on
avoiding rejection.

And another huge benefit of being okay with rejection is

Women can tell when you’re scared of rejection and it
makes their pussy dry up. But when you seem fearless,
like you could take it or leave it, they start drooling
and imagining getting fucked hard by you.

That’s the truth.

But I recognize you’ve been fed a lot of BS about
avoiding rejection and maybe you’re not ready for this.

So go ahead and continue to pussy out if that’s what you
prefer. Most people go through their whole life that
way, why not you?

But on the other hand…

If you’re ready to grow a pair and enjoy total friend
zone freedom, here’s something that might help…

Watch every second of this short video I put together.

Talk soon,

Brad P.