What He Said to Her Was PRICELESS

Thu, 12/05/2016

I was talking to a client yesterday who did something

He called a girl.

You know, like a voice call, where you actually talk
with your voice.

It’s such a simple process to get laid with texting
alone that we forget the lost art of making a phone

He ran into a problem but because of what he learned in
Black Book Method, he came up with a solution that was
both hilarious and demonstrates GREAT GAME.

Here’s what He said:


“Hi Brad,

I remember you saying that you shouldn’t be nervous when
calling a girl for the first time because at most only 1
in 20 girls will answer from an unknown number.

It was happening so infrequently that I stopped
preparing for first calls I make to girls.

Not long ago I called a girl and was ready to leave a
message. But she answered.

There was a very awkward several second pause to start
the conversation and my first topic was horrible, all
because I got complacent and didn’t prepare for the
phone call like I used to.

The resulting conversation was less than stellar and it
definitely did not end in plans to meet up for a date.

What’s great about game, and what makes it so learnable,
is that you’ll face a lot of situations repeatedly.

Since I didn’t want a repeat of the phone conversation I
just had, I put my brain to work trying to come up with
the best way to start a conversation if she answers the
phone on the first call. It took me a day but I came up
with something.

About a week later, I was calling a girl that I hadn’t
talked to in almost a year. She answered the phone.
Here’s what I said:

“Hey what’s up, it’s Will. I was just doing something
really exciting and you popped in my head so I thought
I’d call you.”

“Oh yeah, what?”


She laughed and said, “Oh I see how it is, you call me
when you’re bored!” Perfect! I got the phone
conversation started on a fun, cocky vibe that made her

I did this again to another girl as part of my focus
group testing (it wasn’t the first phone call with her
but close enough), and the same positive result
happened. ”


Will’s situation is a great example of the way that game
really works.

The way game works is you improve in little increments
where you notice changes in weeks and months, not days.

Now imagine if you have figured out the best way to
handle the 50 most common situations you’ll face with
women. How much faster would your game improve?


That’s exactly what happens when you study my BlackBook Method.

Not only do you get specific openers and routines, but
also you perfect a process that allows you to be
confident and improvise in ANY situation.

Talk soon,

Brad P.