Come Sit in Santa’s Lap…

Sat, 18/06/2016

I put out an email last week about some magic phrases
that me and some other guys are having amazing success

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on that, and a lot of you
guys got value out of it.


I got some good questions on this from a client, Mark.

We had a pretty good discussion about it and I shared
some powerful stuff.

I’ll give you the gist of the conversation in a



… Using your tone of voice in some ways is what women
quickly assume things about the person speaking to them?
… And none of them would bother telling us about
this, huh? ”


My comments:

Yes correct, they don’t realize. It’s all very fast and

They can’t tell you what they don’t know.

Then Mark started asking me for a specific phrase that
he could use now to get a woman sexually aroused and

I’ll bet you’d like to hear one too.

Well, I’ll tell you what I told him:

I know lots of those phrases, but you have to be able to
match them up to the correct situation and type of girl.

The ability to do this comes with lots of experience and
learning from mistakes.

I’d suggest you do the 30/30 Club, where we give you
not only the exact phrases, but also the experience
and context of how to use them successfully.

Are there magic phrases? Yes absolutely!

But they require some set up time and experience to
really make them work.

OK, but for the hell of it, I’ll give you one right

“Come over here and sit on Santa’s lap. What do you want
for Christmas? have you been a good little girl or have
you been naughty.”

That makes women horny, but you’ve got to know how to
use it.

You can learn the setup and a ton more in 30/30 club.

Hope to see you inside.

Talk soon,

Brad P.