How to Get the Hottest Sex of Your Life

Wed, 15/06/2016

I’ve said this to you guys many times in the past, but
the lesson bears repeating:

Girls are naturally “bi-sexual”.

Their sexuality is quite fluid and flexible.

And they are hornier than you can possibly imagine.

They love sex more than you or I.

Here’s a common way that they wander into bi-sexual

While in their college years, girls naturally hold hands
and kiss and experiment.

Being with another soft girl feels perfectly natural to

And inside the female brain, neural synapses control the
urge to have sex and procreate, dictated by the primal
code in her DNA.

So while they’re holding hands in college, or wherever,
it’s almost as if they are re-wiring their own DNA to
get turned on by other women.

Yes, at the end of the day, women still want a masculine
dominant man, YOU…

…But they can enjoy each other as well.

That’s why, in a very real sense, all women are

But here’s the thing most guys miss…

Most women aren’t pro-actively bi-sexual.

By which I mean they’re not actively seeking out other
girls to be with, or even fantasizing about being with
other women all the time.

However, there’s nothing in a woman’s innate programming
that makes her go “ewww, sex with another woman? Yuck!”

In fact, once she’s had a few drinks and she’s honest
with herself, and you, she’ll probably tell you the idea
turns her on.

They’ve done studies where they show to women
girl-on-girl romantic adult movies, and all women have
heightened sexual arousal from watching those films.

So any woman that you know; most likely she’s already
fantasized about being with other women and in principle
it’s no problem for her to do it.

And remember, every woman has TWO sides to her.

A woman has the artificial woman she SHOWS on the
surface to the world that is proper and lady-like.

And she has the natural woman she FEELS underneath.

That’s the part of her that is highly sexual and enjoys
being experimental with other girls.

You are literally surrounded by potential threesomes.

You just have to know how to make it happen.

I learned all the secrets that there are to know about
putting together threesomes from a master who’s done it
dozens of times.

It’s all RIGHT HERE.

This will be the hottest sex of your life.

Talk soon,

Brad P.