How to Nail a Hot Cocktail Waitress

Fri, 17/06/2016

You can totally nail that hot waitress at the bar you

I just got an email question from a long time client
about this and I want you all so to see the answer.

Here’s the question:


“I went to a local dive bar that I have never been to,
and one of the cocktail waitresses is easily a 9.5.

Do you hit on staff where you party and drink, or do you
stay away from where you ‘work’? Any tricks you can
think of to make myself stand out?

I know that they are there to work, but there is always
down time in a bar environment.

Thank Brad. Keep up the good work.”


My Answer:

All girls are fair game.

If the bar is dead and you have some free time and the
waitress is cute, I say go for it.

I’ve gotten tons of numbers from waitresses, and the
trick is to be overly cocky.

Most guys try to sweet talk them or show off with money,
which never works.

They can see that coming a mile away.

Try this instead:

Complain about the service, in an obviously humorous

Tease her more than you would the average girl.

THAT will actually make you stand out and make you

When she starts asking you personal questions about
yourself, that’s the time to go for her number.

(For a more concise way to do all of this, checkout my short video here.)

Talk soon,

Brad P.