I Figured He’d Mop the Floor With Me

Thu, 23/06/2016

Learning dating skills can be a pretty scary experience
when you’re not being taught right.

Guys need to be pretty careful whom they listen to.

Does this dating coach know what he’s talking about?

And just as importantly, does he know how to teach it to
YOU so you can get the same results?

I always tell guys that when you’re learning anything
from anyone, you need to first make sure that they have
what you want, and that they’ve been where you are.

I remember a few years back…

I was teaching a seminar on the second story about a
pizza place in New York City.

One of the guys at this particular seminar, a young IT
consultant, raised his hand and said he was having some
trouble with “A3”.

I had no idea what that was.

I spoke to him and his buddy after class and was amazed
at the amount of information and theory they seemed to

We went out to hit the bar that night and I figured he’d
mop the floor with me and want his money back.

But it got interesting:

During the course of the night, I got five phone numbers
and took home a hot burlesque dancer.

(Just another day at the office in Brad P. world)

My know it all students, on the other hand, had a rough

I gave them my standard lessons and did a few approaches
for them to watch.

Then I asked them to approach a pair of women at the bar
so I could watch and critique them…

…Total panic.

…They wouldn’t do a single approach.

They could spit the information out, but they couldn’t
use any of it.

They had bought information from several dating guru’s
and studied it, but they got into this bad habit of
information overload and looking for the next new

…They never felt ready to approach and couldn’t take
action when the time came.

They were afraid to even try.

They were just sold a bunch of bad dating advice, and I
couldn’t undo it all in a day.

Now let me tell you about a seminar I taught about a
year later in Chicago:

I did it over a three-day weekend. The basic structure
was during the day, we would hang out classroom style
and go over some basics and then at night I would take
them out in the field.

I had six guys in this class and of those 6, 4 of them
took a woman home and got LAID.

A 66% success rate at a workshop was (and still is)

So what was it?

Was it me? Was it the students? Or was it the system I
had created?

Basically I didn’t give them a bunch of crap theory to
confuse them.

I gave them just the SPECIFIC THINGS they needed and
then (without further ado) I took them out in the field

I refused to “spoil the soup” and confuse their heads
with TOO MUCH excess information, which gets them too
much in their heads and not in the moment.

This is one small example that what I teach, and how I
teach it is backed up by real results for my students.

Success isn’t what you know or can recite.

It’s how many beautiful women are looking up at you with
doe eyes right before they COME ALL OVER YOUR COCK.

That’s how I measure success.

And you can learn exactly how I do it in this short video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.