Lifestyles of the Rich and Gameless: Part 2

Tue, 28/06/2016

I’ve seen guys with less than $100 in their bank account
do way better with women than Donald Trump.

They had real game. Trump is an embarrassment.

His ex-wives all took him to the cleaners for 50 million
dollars of more.

Would you lose 100 million on pussy if you had great

I don’t think so.

His current wife is pretty hot, but she is bought and
paid for. When you buy a woman from a poor country she
sees you as a dollar sign and has no emotional
attachment to you.

My friend The Pheromone Kid picks up women in 10 minutes
or less. He’s sometimes so broke that he ends up fucking
them in his car or in an abandoned building!

And guess what, they love the sexual adventure!

They are addicted to him after only one night.

You can check out an interview I did with him in hisprime here.

Nowadays he’s married to a super hot blond from one of
the richest families in his area. Remember, this is a
guy who’s never made more than 30K a year.

My friend Buzzy has 3somes all the time and even has had
a few 4somes. He picks up women at house parties.

Buzzy says hot young girls who are horny mostly hang out
at house parties. He has a method that gets him 3somes
with these women right there at the party.

Get the interview here.

Remember, Buzzy is not the guy throwing the party, he is
pretty broke. He probably couldn’t put together $100 for
a keg. Buzzy cashes in on the fact that guys who have
money try to shortcut the game by throwing parties.

Guess what happens when you try to avoid learning the
game and use the money shortcut?

Some guy with game comes along and fucks all the chicks
you bought drinks for.

That’s the way it goes, as anyone who’s lived the
Lifestyle of the Rich and Gameless.

Lots of guys think having money would be better than
having game.

I say game trumps everything. Game trumps money, game
trumps good looks, and game trumps having a huge

Good-looking guys get out gamed all the time and lose
their chick to someone who knows how to get attraction
and create an emotional connection.

But enough about those guys, let me give you some
techniques you can use.

If you’re reading this and you’re already good at
“getting in the room” with hot chicks, but you can’t
close the deal, this one is for you. (Broke guys can use
it too, I’ll explain how.)

If you’re at table in an exclusive club with your
wingman, use the openers in my Black Book to get your
table full of women.

2-3 guys and 5+ women is the way to start. This is EASY
if you use my openers and it won’t take you more than 15
minutes. One guy stays at the table, the other guy
brings in the women.

Now once you’ve got 5 or more women at the table, ramp
up your touching and aggressiveness. Get super flirty
with the girls and touch their legs, their hair, hold
their hand.

There’s always gonna be one or two girls who will find
you too aggressive and they will give signals that they
don’t like the touching.

When you find that girl, KICK HER OUT.

Tell her she’s gotta leave because you need room for
more girls. Be polite and say “thanks for hanging out.
See ya later.”

Once she’s gone, and she will take her friend with her,
have your wingman replace the two of them.

The remaining girls will see something they don’t see

Guys who aren’t needy.

Toads are always super needy and they bend over
backwards to please a woman. They are so desperate that
they would never kick a woman out of their group.

You are sending the remaining women a signal that you
are not a toad, you are a guy who has a high standard
and this is an exclusive situation. Women LOVE to work
hard to be accepted into exclusive clubs.

Broke guys- you can do this too at a house party or
sports bar, but it’s a bit harder since you don’t have
the exclusive table in the club. The good news is that
you won’t be reeling in gold diggers and women who fully
intend to use and abuse you like the rich guys are.

Rich guys have to take an extra step, they have to take
a woman who come in with bad intentions and change her

This is easy to do if you use the “exclusive club” plan,
but it does create a hassle that broke guys don’t have.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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