Lifestyles of the Rich and Gameless

Tue, 28/06/2016

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news during this
extremely lively election cycle, you may have noticed
recently that the entire mainstream media is piling on
Donald Trump over his “treatment of women.”

The main weapon in this war is a hit piece published in
the New York Times.

It’s a series of interviews with 50 women where they
recount “unwelcome romantic advances” that happened over
the past 3 decades.

Now the New York Times has taken a lot of heat and some
of the women are claiming they were misquoted, but there
is a general theme to the whole thing that is very

…Unwelcome advances from an older rich guy. And they
go something like this:

Trump uses money and power to throw a party or get
backstage at a beauty pageant, Trump tells girl he likes
her body, Trump gets rejected because the girl finds his
game disgusting.

Look, in my opinion, this is not newsworthy, even if the
whole thing is 100% accurate…

…and Trump is not guilty of anything EXCEPT having
terrible game.

Furthermore, the “Trump Failure Method” of bagging hot
chicks is used by rich and famous men all over the

I see it all the time.

I had to knock this behavior out of clients of mine
who were worth millions.

Women find it completely appalling….

…But since these rich guys don’t take the time to
learn real game, the result is a series of spectacular

Let me tell you about Lifestyles of the Rich and
Gameless, and how you can succeed where these idiots
have failed.

The first thing I’m going to do is outline the three
biggest mistakes that guys like this make, so pay

Mistake #1

Getting into a room with hot women does not mean you’re
going to be fucking any hot women.

It’s easy to use money and power to get into the same
room with hot women, but if you don’t have a way to
create attraction when you get there, it’s pointless.

Rich guys focus on getting into the room and ignore the
attraction factor.

Mistake #2

Hot women know about the “Trump Failure Method”, and
they see it coming a mile away. They know rich guys want
to take any shortcut to bang them and never talk to them

Women have an elaborate system of defenses set up
against this method. These girls are willing to attend
“Rich and Gameless events because they intend to
defraud, use, and abuse the rich guys.

These guys are suckers and the women know it.

Here in Hollywood, hotties have a term for rich suckers
they rip off, they’re called “Toads.”

How does a woman use a Toad for her own benefit?

– They will use the vague possibility of sex to get
shopping trips, money, status, vacations, and in the
case of Trump, beauty contest awards.

One more thing-

They don’t EVER have sex with these guys! I know these
girls and they’ve explained their game to me. Having sex
with a toad is a no-no in their scene and they’ll do
anything to avoid it.

Don’t ever be the toad.

Mistake #3

Putting women on a pedestal.

When you compliment a woman you don’t know, and she
hasn’t earned the compliment, she will experience an
immediate feeling of dried up vagina.

Nothing turns off a woman faster than a creepy

Compliments are the lazy man’s way of trying to attract
a woman. Women have heard them a million times and are
bored of them.

When you lead with a compliment you are acting
submissive and women don’t like a submissive man.

The WORST kind of compliment is when you compliment her
BODY at a time when she’s not feeling attraction. It
makes her imagine sex with a guy she finds gross.

When women get unwarranted or creepy compliments, their
brain runs a program that says “He is worthless and
subhuman, either run away or rip him off for money

(Note: there is a way to make compliments work, but I’ll
save that for a future email.”)

Stay tuned for out next email where I will tell you a
better way, and how you can avoid ending up like Trump,
with the entire world laughing at how bad your game is
and trying to screw you out of an election because of

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Having no game and no social skills repels women.
It’s even worse when you use money or status to

I have an easy solution in this short video.

And you don’t have to be Donald Trump to afford it.