She Slipped Through His Fingers and Went for His Friend

Thu, 23/06/2016

When you are moving things along with a girl, always
push the envelope!

I always say I ‘d rather ask for forgiveness than

…And sometimes it takes a while to get you guys to
take this to heart.

This week I got kind of a heartbreaking email from a
young guy who fucked up big-time and is kicking himself.

I want to kick him too.

See if you can relate to his story:


“To make a long story short a girl I was talking to
online about a year ago walked into the Starbucks where
I work.

We got to talking again and as we did quite a bit of
flirting while I was closing the store one night.

When we hugged she was right on target for kissing
me…. I turn my head away……. Was I stupid for that??

I also talked about wanting to go out one night and I
never called her back…

…She texted the next day. I guess she was interested,

But what ends up happening, we don’t get to see each
other for that whole next week.

And I did call to get together with her for a movie. I
said, “Whatever sounds good, I don’t care what we do”,
right. That didn’t happen because my manager called me
in for work.

But this is what infuriates me…. FUCK!!!!!!! No really

I had her right in my hands right, but now she says that
she likes this ass wipe I work with. She said, “Sorry
for leading you on, why can’t I have guy friends.”

Most of this is my ego here, so please bear with me.

1. The guy looks like the wrong end of a dog, I refuse
to get beaten out by his ugly ass. People from work cant
understand it either.

2. He’s a womanizing prick. All I can remember is how he
talks about fuckin whatever he can get his hands on.

3. I had her right there, but now all the sudden she

What do you think Brad?”


My Answer:

I hate to tell you this, but… you fucked up!

With every girl there is a window of opportunity where
you must make a move before all hope is lost forever.
Unfortunately you choked, the window passed, and that’s

When her buying temperature is high, go for it. You
should have gone for a kiss, or more, that first night.
Push the envelope.

Better that, than dealing with this shit.

Girls want you to make a move. Be bold.

Also you said the other dude is a “womanizing prick.” If
I were you I would observe him and copy his moves,
because he’s obviously doing something right.

I know you’ll be tempted to linger on this one girl and
“fix” what you messed up, but it’s very much done. Move
on and use this as a lesson for the next girl.

I noticed you are subscribed to my newsletter, but you
haven’t studied any of my programs.

There’s the problem.

It’s time to grow up, put your big boy pants on, take
responsibility for the results in you life, and please
watch this fucking video now!

Talk soon,

Brad P.