The Right Venue for Picking Up Hot Girls

Thu, 09/06/2016

It’s perfectly normal for guys who are starting out to
hop around venues.

When you’re going to target rich environments it’s
normal to hop from club to club to bar, and back to club

No one really cares where you go as long as it has

I was talking with a client from DC who really advocates
getting to know a couple different bars and becoming a

He had some great insights, so I asked him to put it to
paper and send it to me, so I could share it with you.

Here’s Jay from DC:

For me it took many years until I got pickier about
where I was spending the bulk of my night.

At these two bars I became familiar with the staff. I’d
walk in, briefly chat with the bouncer, and then make my
way to the bar where my favorite drink was already
waiting for me.

I started to recognize other regulars too, and we’d have
little conversations here or there.

The effect of all this is that it made me feel very

And when I feel comfortable I’m more likely to be in the
right mood that helps me approach women. Those
approaches will then be more natural and relaxed.

Talking to a girl at a place where you’re a regular will
be less like approaching and more like saying hi to a
girl in an intimate house party.

Try it by frequenting smaller venues that have a more
local feel (where hopefully the girls live right next to
the bar), instead of the larger cheesy venues where
you’re one face out of a hundred.

Sure the larger venues do have more selection, but you
can always end the night in one of the small local bars
are slow.

I started out in the clubs of DC with dancing game, but
naturally moved to talking game because it offers a much
stronger way to build attraction and keep girls

Grinding on a girl for hours at a time to hip-hop can
take you far but not all the way.

On the surface talking for many hours is harder than
merely dancing, but just like with anything hard, the
payoff is greater.

The more I tightened up my talking game, the less I got
flaked on and the more girls I banged.

My comments:

After reading this, my takeaway is that one of the
benefits of picking up women at your local bar, or
wherever, is that it’s disarming.

It doesn’t look to them like you’re on the prowl for
women, and that impression can help you build comfort

Then you just need to know what you’re doing 🙂

Talk soon,

Brad P.