How I Can Program You to Be a Badass

Fri, 15/07/2016

Hey it’s Brad P,

Did you realize that 99% of your thoughts and habits are on

The problem is most people have negative ideas and
mediocre habits. And this is why most people live mediocre

And frankly, that’s why most guys get mediocre pussy (if
any at all).

You see, it literally takes YEARS to re-train all your
thoughts and change your habits from MEDIOCRE to

But the secret is to change these thoughts ONE at a time…
and also one day at a time.

But how can you actually do this?

Well, here’s a simple 4-step system to get on top of your

1. Identify the mediocre thought.

2. Then examine it more clearly. Write it down in this
format: “I can’t do X because of Y.”

3. Then change it to an elite thought (definition of an elite
thought is… the complete opposite of a limiting belief, that
pulls you as high as you can possibly be)

4. Then make sure it sticks (by repeating steps 1-3 over
and over)

Here’s an example…

Mediocre thought: I don’t have enough money to start a

Elite thought: I should network with people who have money
to invest in my business.

Here’s another example:

Mediocre thought: There’s no way a guy in my position can
get good with women.

Elite thought: I need to get around guys with great game
and learn from them.

Now of course, the mediocre thoughts will come back, like
any bad habit.

That’s when you smack them back down and replace them
with an elite thought.

You’ve just got to raise your awareness and identify each
time a mediocre thought pops into your head. It takes
practice but it can be done.

I would suggest blocking out 15 minutes each day to do
this exercise and to make it a routine of sorts.

The more frequently you do the exercises, the quicker you’ll
start to see visible changes on the outside.

Talk soon,

Brad P.