How to Get Her Away from Cockblocking Friends

Tue, 05/07/2016

Women are horny, sexed up creatures. – More than most
people realize.

So, to totally get you capitalizing on that, here’s your
tip for the day:

A lot of times, if you’re game is strong and you’re
building up her arousal, she’s thinking about making out
with you right there in the bar (or wherever you happen
to be).

This is something that you always want to capitalize on.

Sometimes she’ll isolate herself from her cockblocking
friends. She’ll let them go off to another part of the
bar to so you can talk without interruptions and maybe
even make-out.

If this happens, you know you’re in. That’s the time to
make your move. But….

Sometimes the isolation doesn’t happen on its own.

And if her friends are hanging on her like glue and you
sense a moment where you can escalate the interaction,
try this simple yet effective isolation move:

“How about you come to the bar with me so I can get a

If the bar is especially crowded, leave your hand out
for her to grab and lead her to the bar, but DO NOT buy
her a drink.

Get one drink and offer her a few sips. Then…

Linger at the bar, put your arm on her waist, and make a
move before your drink is done.

Trust me, if she allows herself to be isolated in this
way she is ready to make-out with you.

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Brad P.